Join us for a special two-hour livestreaming discussion on #WokeDtalk2024 Episode 8, where we will shine a spotlight on the urgent need for climate action and environmental justice, focusing on the ongoing battle against illegal mining operations in Palawan, Philippines.

In solidarity with the brave residents of Brooke’s Point, Palawan, who are standing up against the illegal activities of the Ipilan Nickel Corporation (INC), we will delve into the multifaceted issues surrounding conservation, reforestation, policy and legislation, climate education, awareness, and international cooperation.

Despite cease-and-desist orders from local authorities and the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP), INC continues to operate unlawfully, posing a severe threat to the rich biodiversity of Mount Mantalingahan and the livelihoods of the local communities, especially indigenous groups and women. Our esteemed panelists will discuss the environmental, social, and economic impacts of illegal mining, the importance of upholding indigenous rights, and the role of grassroots activism in protecting our planet.

We will also explore strategies for effective conservation efforts, the need for stringent policy measures, and the significance of international collaboration in combating environmental degradation. Furthermore, we will amplify the voices of the residents of Brooke’s Point and advocate for immediate action to halt the illegal operations of INC and prevent the renewal of their Mineral Production Sharing Agreement (MPSA).

Together, we will declare #IamONEwithPalawan and demand justice for its people and precious ecosystems. Join the conversation using the hashtags #WokeDtalk2024, #IamONEwithPALAWAN, and #DoNotMineCozPalawanisMine as we strive to protect Palawan’s natural heritage and build a sustainable future for all.